FPM - Cyberpunks + Spacefarers Bundle

FPM - Cyberpunks + Spacefarers Bundle

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Bundle the brand new Cyberpunks and Spacefarers packs together and get a discount, plus receive these great new packs before they’re officially released.

Our first official foray into the realm of Non-Fantasy, we’ve created a full pack for Cyberpunks and another full pack for Spacefarers. Themed for RPGs like Starfinder, Traveller RPG, Shadowrun, and others.

While Cyberpunks and Spacefarers have no direct connection in genre, the art styles lend themselves very well to each other, and work excellently alongside one another. Cyberpunks provides extra mechs, craft, and civilians for your Sci Fi campaigns. Similarly, the mechs and landing craft are excellent options for Cyberpunk campaigns, and the digital AI characters are fantastic for Matrix runs, and other visuals. We think most of our audience will get great use out of both of these together.

Includes: 112 Minis and 16 round bases. Ships under 1 lbs.

If you're interested in different base sizes and shapes, please see our Additional FPM Bases

Additionally, these 2 packs use a brand new 56-piece die made specifically for them, including only Medium and Large pieces, ideal for Cyberpunks and Spacefarers!

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