5 Great D&D Valentine’s Day Gifts

Does your significant other loves D&D as much as you do? Then this gift guide is for you!

February: the month of love..? No wonder the shortest one in the calendar.

Get ready to put the roses, chocolates, and teddy bears away, and take out your character sheets and tons of dice ’cause this Valentine’s Day we play D&D!

Here are my Top 5 Dungeons & Dragons Gifts for Valentine’s Day!

This list will start in descending order from what I consider the most basic items any D&D Player or DM MUST have and go to the most “creative” or innovative/specific items.

5.- Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

This is the latest release by D&D and let me tell you… it’s FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!


This book comes with many, many, MAAAAAAAAAANY stuff to spice up your DM Skills/Powers.

New charts, subclasses, spells, rules, magic items, etc. You name it. Xanathar’s got it.

This gift is cool for Players to have (as it expands their character options) and is BRUTAL for DMs to have (80% of the content of the book is super useful to DMs).

What the hell are you waiting for…
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4.- Miniatures

Well, on this subject there are many companies that produce and sell different styles of minis: painted, unpainted, plastic, metal, 3D printed, paper, etc.

But if you’re looking for other alternatives or a way to get TONS OF MINIS and not break the bank, check out Arcknight's Miniatures.


Arcknight is a company that offers affordable, beautiful, high-quality plastic products. They have a secret method to print images on plastic and cut them to get, as a result, perfect details on all of their products.

They sell a product called Flat Plastic Miniatures (FPM) which is an upgraded version of the Pathfinder’s Pawns. You get a lot of miniatures with a really high detail and affordable price!

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3.- Tomb of Annihilation Board Game

If you’re into D&D, you must have heard about the latest D&D Adventure Module called “Tomb of Annihilation” (ToA).

ToA is a solid hit from the D&D team that features an incredible adventure that takes place on the Chult continent (jungle terrain), I don’t want to spoil anything so let’s talk about the Board Game.

ToA Board Game is a cooperative game (perfect to play with your soulmate) for 2 to 5 players and has a 50-60 minute playing time, with lots of replayability value, since there are many different quests to complete (or die trying).

It features multiple scenarios that are generated randomly so you never run out of ideas. The quests are challenging and REALLY hard.


  • 42 Single color miniatures
  • One 20-sided die
  • 40 Interlocking Dungeon tiles
  • 225 Cards
  • Over 300 tokens
  • And more!

These board games are often used as a “cheap” source of official miniatures, because you’re paying like $1.4 per miniature + TONS of other contents.

This board game can be combined with any of the other D&D Board Games like:


2.- Spell Effect Tokens

If your loved one plays a caster, please make his/her life easier with these tokens.

Arcknight reappears here and takes the number 2 spot on this ranking with their Spell Effect Tokens!

They feature double-sided printing on transparent plastic, with graphics on one side, and helpful notes on the other (damage codes, saving throws, and other key details)

Arcknight offers spells and tokens for both D&D (5E) and Pathfinder (PF)!

  • Wizard (D&D 5e) – 24 area spells, an additional 40 tokens, and a rangefinder.
  • Cleric (D&D 5e) – 19 area effects, an additional 92 tokens, and a rangefinder.
  • Druid (D&D 5e) – 18 area spells, an additional 25 tokens, and a rangefinder.
  • Wizard (PF) – 13 area spells, 35 buff tokens, a rangefinder, medium and large summoned monster/polymorph tokens.
  • Generic (PF)

The spell packs come with ALL the spells the class can cast! Visit the links to view the list of spells that are included in each pack.

No more trying to know who is or who isn’t affected by your spells! 😉

1.- PolyHero Dice

PolyHero is a company created in 2015 that focuses on making dice with unique and innovative shapes.


They started a Kickstarter campaign for their first dice set: “Warrior Set”, where they raised over $90k.


Then they started a second campaign: “Wizard Set”, where they raised over $575k.

Now they’re creating a new campaign called “Rogue Set”.

Their products are the perfect gift and I’m sure they will shine at your table! They are a memorable gift that everyone will be very happy to receive and use on every D&D session.


Valentine’s Day is not about spending money and giving gifts, it’s all about reminding how much you love the other person. Gifts are just a material way to do that, but we all know that D&D is always the perfect gift.

Don’t forget to share your love and passions with your significant other and I hope both of you have great and memorable adventures!


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