New D&D Adventure: Shore of Dreams Review | The DM's Tavern

Shore of Dreams is a new independent adventure module that will keep you and your players engaged for hours. Riches beyond imagination await!

On January 25th, Florian Emmerich (Poison Potion Press) and Joshua Parry (JVC Parry) published Shore of Dreams, an awesome adventure module designed for 4 or 5 5th to 7th level characters.

After reading and playtesting the adventure, all I can say is:

"WOW" - DM Alex

Jokes aside, this one of the best self-published adventure modules I've ever read. You should definitely try it.

The adventure is currently only available in PDF format, you can purchase it here: DM's Guild Website.

Critics are always good (and let me tell you, this adventure has a few) and help the developers make better adventures in the future (I'm sure they will be reading this)

Let me explain and give my honest opinion.