Amazon’s 5 Season $1 Billion Lord of the Rings Series


Everything you NEED to KNOW about the LotR TV Series.There are many reasons to be happy every day. This is one.

If you didn’t know, there’s a Lord of the Rings TV Series in the making! Yay 

Some news appeared months ago, if I recall correctly, and people went crazy!

In this article, I’ll state some information about what we know up to this date, and why this is related to Dungeons & Dragons, and every other roleplaying game.

LotR News in a nutshell

On April 5th, Hollywood Reporter published an article about Amazon’s 5 Season next TV Show. Feel free to check it out here for more information.

Basically, Amazon battled Netflix and HBO for the rights, and won.

Amazon has given a multi season commitment in the deal so it will definitely be more than one. They’ve spent reportedly $200-250m on the rights alone, so you can bet CEO Jeff Bezos is looking to milk this cash cow for every drop, for sure.

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