Poly Hero Dice Review

Dice are vital to D&D; they’ve been with us since D&D 1st edition, but now with technology and TONS of creativity, Poly Hero brings us these awesome-shaped dice!Hello everyone, DM Alex here! Today we celebrate dice day! (just kidding, that’s on December 4th)

However, it doesn’t matter, because I’m coming at you with these new dice I recently acquired from a company called Poly Hero Dice.

And to be honest, I don’t want to use a DM screen anymore to be able to show off my (sexy) dice rolls! 

Why should YOU use these dice?


Aren't they awesome?!

Aren't they awesome?!

Their wonderful design, the fact that they are uniquely designed, thematically made and fit 100% your character style, makes these dice amazing.

There are tons of colors, shapes and styles for you to customize your dice, so they fit the exact style of your character.

I mean, we got many character styles already (even within each class): we got the assassin rogue, the trickster rogue, the poison rogue, the thief rogue, etc.

Just pick the color that fits your character idea the most! 

Celebrating our passion for roleplaying games is something we must do every time we play, so have fun and show your style at your gaming table. They’ll last you a lifetime.