FPM - Numbered Bases 1-20 (Various Colors)

FPM - Numbered Bases 1-20 (Various Colors)


20-count plate with laser etched numbers 1-20, cut directly from colored plastic.

For solid colors, the number will be hidden on the B-side of the mini, allowing you to have hidden information.

Great for denoting different units or factions, or even to showcase status effects (place a green based on a unit who's poisoned, a black base on a unit who's in stealth, etc.)

Our FPMs each use the same base tab, and all minis and bases are completely interchangeable.

NOT ALL COLORS ARE IN STOCK AT ALL TIMES - but we have a dedicated supplier for all of these colors, and can order more at any time. Colored plastic may take some time to arrive if the color was out of stock when ordered.

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