Arcknight Shop, Digital, and Menagerie - Website Restructure

In the big picture, Arcknight has 3 avenues of products and support:

We have our Shop. It include all stock physical products, including our Maps, our Flat Plastic Miniatures, our RPG Spell Effects, our Object Sheets, games like Stupid Fight and (soon) our own line of Dice. These are manufactured, moved around, shelved, etc.

Then, we have a secondary market we call the Menagerie where we place damaged items, used items, misprints, special promotional items we have additional copies of, and other 1-off products. They range from perfect condition to heavily flawed, but we won’t “print more” - once they’re gone, they’re gone. Otherwise they would be normal stock items.

Lastly, the third big category is our Digital offerings. Because of the immense amount of artwork we’ve created we have a library of digital files, in many many formats. These can be readily available as Virtual Tabletop assets, converted into print-and-play or Papercraft, uploaded as character images on Dungeons & Dragons Beyond, etc.


For a short while now, we’ve been using our Patreon account to push our digital offerings forward - For just $1 a month, you get access to a slew of art pieces as we go through our catalogue and process existing art into various new formats. Just resizing the pieces, adding black and white glows, outlines, trimming them into a square format for VTT, making thumbnails, Papercraft versions, etc takes a lot of time. As that artwork gets finished, it’s released through Patreon.

Patreon is a fantastic way to support us - but it’s NOT the final resting place for Digital files, nor is it an ideal way to search and find what you need on demand.

Arcknight Digital

While our Shop and our Menagerie have had their own sections for some time, we’re now taking the first steps toward making a Digital section. Digital offerings are getting their own web tab so they can shine, be easily browsed / searched, and to avoid confusion with our physical product lines.

Digital items will begin migrating over to the Digital tab, though you might still see their original items in the Shop page as well for some time. Once they’ve finished their move, we’ll start making new digital bundles and collections for people interested in certain types of miniatures, paper craft, and other specialty items.