AKM - Wild Outdoors

AKM - Wild Outdoors


Arcknight Maps - Wild Outdoors.

8 Double-sided Pages, 16 modular maps that can be rotated flipped and rearranged, to design a huge array of outdoor terrains. Specifically designed with a myriad of 2-page transitions, including Grass to Forest, Grass to dirt (for road or beach), Forest to dirt, Dirt to Water, etc. so that as few pages as possible can cover all of your outdoor needs.

Each page is printed on thick cardstock and laminated, wet and dry erasable. Comes with a plastic protective case.

Available in 1" Grid Squares, 1" Hexes, and Gridless.

[Product may not ship with the administrative cover page. If this is important to you, simply email sales@arcknight.com and we will make sure to include it, though this may delay your order if they are not on-hand.]

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