AKM - Grand Cathedral

AKM - Grand Cathedral


Arcknight Maps - The Grand Cathedral

4 Double-sided Pages, 8 modular maps that can be rotated flipped and rearranged, to build a Grand Cathedral and adjoining Cloister, Abbey, 2nd floor Gallery and even a crypt! Pieces can also be arranged to make a smaller church or repurposed as administrative office buildings for a city.

Each page is printed on thick cardstock and laminated, wet and dry erasable. Comes with a plastic protective case.

Available in 1" Grid Squares, 1" Hexes, and Gridless.

[Product may not ship with the administrative cover page. If this is important to you, simply email sales@arcknight.com and we will make sure to include it, though this may delay your order if they are not on-hand.]

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