The Last Parsec - Bundle Box is here!

The Last Parsec - Bundle Box is here!

A 252-piece set of Sci-Fi miniatures all for $100! Art is from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, produced on Flat Plastic Miniatures.

FPM - The Last Parsec - Primer
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At Retail, if you were to buy the full set it would be $140 and come with 48 bases.

The TLP Bundle Box is $100, with 63 bases, in a nice variety of sizes with flying bases as well.



Pictures of the box set may have you thinking "Wait, aren't these supposed to be transparent?" They certainly are! For this bundle, we've saved ourselves a few minutes of assembly by shipping the raw sheets to you. You'll have to peel off the white print film, and then pop the miniatures. Each process is very easy, and this video will guide you.



And here's what they look like when they're all set up! Colorful miniatures that don't blast out the map underneath, that can be popped back out and packed flat. Works for a huge variety of sci-fi games. Enjoy!