AKM - Fantasy Maps - 80 page box

AKM - Fantasy Maps - 80 page box

from 220.00

Arcknight Maps - 80 Page box of high-quality double-sided maps, laminated for durability, wet and dry erasable. This set will solve all of your dungeon master needs for a lifetime!

Includes the Graystone Castle, Cobblestone City, Winding Caverns, Dungeons, Highborne Manor, Wild Outdoors, Ship, Colosseum, Graveyard, Highland Home, Ziggurat, Timberwood Fortress, Grand Cathedral and Wizard Tower sets, and NOW ALSO the brand new 8-page Uncharted Isles (every set we produce!).

This kit includes all of our 12x RPG map packs in one; 80 pages, 160 maps, for one great price.

This bundle does not automatically include any map portfolios which typically ship with our map packs. 6x 11x17 Map Portfolios can be added to any order for $25, which is enough to hold and protect the entire set. However the full box can also be kept within its cardboard case for long term storage and protection.

As an additional option for this campaign only, if you’d prefer saving the money, we can produce these maps unlaminated. They will not be wet or dry erase in this case, but the pack will be $40 cheaper.

This bundle is a collection of all of our regular 12x Map Packs. It does not include the Epic Airship pack, or additional blank pages from the Textures pack. It does include various blank pages that appear within the normal packs, including a full sheet of Water, Dirt, Stone, and Dungeon (from the Wild Outdoors, Cobblestone City, Graystone Castle, and Dungeon packs respectively).

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