FLASH SALE - Castles and Caves! (Dwarven Bundle)

FLASH SALE - Castles and Caves! (Dwarven Bundle)

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Castles and Caves (The Dwarven Bundle) FLASH SALE!!

What do Castles and Caves have in common? DWARVES, and other foul denizens of the underground! For a limited time, our largest bundle yet!

The Graystone Castle (8-page map pack), Winding Caverns (8-page map pack), Texture Pack (8-page map pack), The Underground (62-piece core set of Flat Plastic Miniatures), a Dungeons Object Sheet, and 2 extra strips of bases (8 blues and 8 reds), all for only $100 ($143 MSRP)

Includes: 62 Minis, 24 bases (8 clear, 8 red, 8 blue), 24 double-sided Maps, 3 map cases, and 1 Objects sheet with dozens of plastic overlays.

$143 worth of items for $100. Ships at 4 lbs

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