Digital Winding Caverns Map

Digital Winding Caverns Map


The Winding Caverns, an Arcknight Roleplaying BattleMap

Designed by Arcknight Games, this multi-page PDF gives you a series of versatile cave pieces; some winding, some forking, some expanding, and some terminating, along with a variety of transitional tiles, allowing you to create the ultimate cave network with ease.

The Winding Caverns includes 16 original Maps, designed for high quality print on 11x17 pages, and each section can be rotated and connected to create dozens of valid layouts.

Additionally included are a number of maps that never made it to print. 

This map pack contains high resolution jpgs of each map section, in 1" Grid Squares, 1" Hexes and Gridless; perfect for use with other applications and virtual tabletops.

For a physical version of the same item, check here.

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