The Arcknight Maps 'Should have been on our website already' FLASH SALE bundles the Highborne Manor and Wild Outdoors 8-page Map Packs, and the Grand Cathedral and Wizard's Tower 4-page Map Packs for a hefty 40% discount.

Includes 24 Double-sided Pages, 48 modular maps that can be rotated flipped and rearranged to create anything you need for your tabletop adventuring needs. Ships at 4 lbs.

Even if you're not at GenCon this week, you can get awesome deals too! (Product will not ship until we return from GenCon)

Each page is printed on thick cardstock and laminated, wet and dry erasable.

Each pack comes with it's own plastic protective case.

Maps have 1" Grid Squares, in a hash that covers as little of the artwork as possible, while remaining completely visible.


[Product may not ship with the administrative cover pages. If these are important to you, simply email sales@arcknight.com and we will make sure to include it, though this may delay your order if more are not on-hand.]

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