AK Digital Tokens - Mankind

AK Digital Tokens - Mankind


Arcknight Tokens - Mankind VTT

Knights, Guards, Civilians, Nobles, Children, Halflings and much more!

This pack includes:

  • High Resolution Original Front + Back images
  • Black Glow versions with stroke and shadow, ideal for VTT
  • A 'VTT Raw' version if you prefer no stroke and shadow.

VTT Tokens are resized to a perfect 280px x 280px for standard pieces, with some Large and Huge pieces at higher sizes, so they don't lose resolution when scaled up. The work we put in makes these perfect for immediate use on Roll20, FantasyGrounds, d20pro and other systems.

Also included is a .PDF digital catalog for browsing, with each piece's unique reference number from the monsters.arcknight.com monster database.

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